Whitehead Festival 2017

Festival Runs 28 July to 13 August 2017

The 2017 festival program is now available. Many have been delivered to doorsteps and there are also leaflets available in the shops around town. The program will also be available as a PDF for download shortly. A number of posters have been created for various events and these are also being tweeted out.

Follow Whitehead on Twitter, using the Twitter handle @WhiteheadNIrela and why not add these dates to your diary for a special day out or a go at your favourite competition / sport / leisure activity? There is also plenty for children to do.


These include sports and competitions, like tennis, soccer-golf, swimmimg and the popular raft race.

Food & Folk & Yarn

For the foodies among you, there will be plenty of new items to try, as well as listening to Folk Music and you can also try the NEW entry this year – Yarn displays. There is also fishing, garden society, cycling and Pool, as well as workshops for kids and environmental activities of different kinds.

What Else?

A quiz, steam trains, and a biodiversity summer school, for starters.